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EuCAP 2007 will feature a number of half day workshops organised by key organisations and Institutions in the field of Antennas and Propagation. Although workshops are free to attend places are strictly limited and will be filled up on a first come first served basis.

Download a registration form for the workshops:

Workshop Registration Form

Blutest.se Wireless Measurements in Reverberation Chamber (RC)
Ochil Room 1: Sunday 11 November, 14:00 - 18:00
(Following the morning short course SC12 in the same room)

The last seven years we have shown that the reverberation chamber can be used for characterizing antennas as well as complete active terminals that are intended for use in multpath environment with fading. The purpose of the present workshop is to gather users of reverberation chambers for sharing knowledge about measurement procedures, stirring methods, and results of measurements in different chambers, with the purpose to achieve better understanding of the opportunities and accuracy control of this novel measurement method. The participants are welcome to give short presentations, but please inform mats.andersson@bluetest.se in advance. Of special interest is receiver sensitivity, antenna diversity and MIMO system measurements, and CDMA, DECT, WLAN and Bluetooth devices.

Latest Modelling Advances using SEMCAD X: Design, Optimization and Virtual Prototyping of Antennas and Complex Industrial Devices
Carrick Room 1 & 2, Tuesday 13 November, 14.00 – 18.00

The simulation platform SEMCAD X has been tailored to efficiently solve the most challenging problems such as fast optimization of antennas, CAD derived structures and most complex configurations under real usage conditions. The tool offers CAD import, the fastest 3-D OpenGL modelling engine, a real-time grid generator, the most effective Genetic Algorithm based multi-goal multi-parameter optimizer for CAD derived structures, and unique hardware accelerated speedup.

SEMCAD X is suitable for the most complex EM or Thermal challenges such as analysis, optimization, virtual prototyping of antennas and arbitrarily complex CAD structures, failure/safety evaluations of sensor systems, EMC/EMI, full-wave coupled EM-circuit analysis, low frequency computations, novel materials, thermal analysis, Bio-Electromagnetics, implants or transmitters operating inside or near the human body, microwaves, couplers/filters and much more.

This workshop will address and give an overview of all features and various applications focusing on solving real-world industrial design problems.

Material and CDs will be handed out during the workshop

IMST 3D EM Modelling of Array Antennas using EMPIRE XCcel
Harris Room 1, Wednesday 14 November, 14.00 – 18.00

In order to optimize antenna arrays full wave analysis using a 3D EM field solver is often a prerequisite.

Element coupling, mounting and assembly parasitics or electromagnetic environment can have impact on the antenna performance. This workshop addresses these aspects by discussing different antenna array examples. Attendees can follow a tutorial by using their own or one of the provided laptops.

Material and CDs will be handed out during the workshop

Antenna Diagnostic Techniques: Theory and Applications
Harris Room 1, Thursday 15 November, 14.00 – 17.40

Antenna diagnostic techniques are an important tool for the design and redesign of the antennas. There are different methods for reconstructing the field on the aperture of the antenna, based on the acquired near field or directly from the far field, and based on the iterative algorithms or the decomposition of the radiated field in spherical modes. This workshop will oversee some of the available techniques and it will present practical results used on a large antenna.


Organised by:
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Supported by:
6th Frammework Programme
Loughborough University
European Information Society