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Author Information

Submit your Full Paper Online>

Oral Presentation Guidlines

All authors should ensure they upload their presentation slides (in MS PowerPoint 2000 or XP format) to http://www.eucap.speakerpreview.co.uk/ in advance of the conference. Speakers should save their presentation using the individual code allocated to their paper as shown on the conference programme this should be followed by an underscore (_) and the presenting author’s surname. An example can be seen below.

Correct format: Code_Surname.ppt

Example: Mo1.2.3_Smith.ppt

Speakers MUST save the file under the correct code to avoid confusion. Codes can be taken from the website on the programme page and are located directly before your title.

Speak Review Online Submission System


Please visit this website http://www.eucap.speakerpreview.co.uk/ at any time prior to the conference. To access the online submission system please use the following login details:

Username: eucap
Password: 16998

During the event speakers must attend the speaker preview room to review their presentation with the venue technician at least a half a day before you’re due to present. We also advise that you should travel to the conference with a copy of your presentation as a backup.

The speaker preview room will be provided with equipment and technicians who will assist you in checking/amending your presentation. Presentation will be loaded onto the Lecture Room computer prior to the relevant session. This will save you time and aid the smooth running of your talk on the day.

The presentation can be presented to the EICC speaker preview technician on a CD, DVD, and USB storage devices (USB stick/pen drives).

The EICC team will use reasonable effort to ensure no other person accesses any data submitted. The EICC reformat all hard drives after each event to prevent data transfer between events. The EICC will accept no claim arising from the loss of, access to or corruption of this data. Media given to the technicians should be retained by the speaker after it has been submitted to ensure that the speaker always has a back up copy.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Working Language

The working language of the conference is English and will be used for all printed material, presentations and discussions.

Time Allocation

15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions has been allowed for the presentation of your contribution, and this time allocation must not be exceeded.

To make the most of the presentation time, you might find the following guidelines helpful:

  • Speak clearly and avoid colloquial English – not all delegates have English as their native language.
  • Summarise your written paper and present any updated material and results, concentrating on the basic concepts and conclusions, not on details.
  • Please note that questions may be taken following your presentation, this should be accounted for in the preparation of your presentation.

The Session Chairs have been asked to be strict with their time keeping of presentations. It is therefore imperative that you do not exceed your time allocation.

Visual Aids

For EuCAP 2007 we will only permit the use of PowerPoint presentations. Please note that the Laptop within the Lecture Theatres is installed with the following software: Windows 2000/XP and PowerPoint 2000. The IET cannot be held responsible if authors arrive at the time of presentation with an incompatible presentation. Please contact the Event Organisers as soon as possible with any queries regarding audio-visual aids.

Useful Presentation Tips

Do not put too much information on visual aids:

  • A maximum of six or seven lines including the title (not more than 20 words).
  • Avoid abbreviations, mathematics and tables of results (graphs or histograms are much better).
  • Lettering should be lowercase, medium or bold and at least
    “this size” (Arial 22)
  • NEVER USE - computer printouts, photocopied pages of books, hand-drawn transparencies
  • Keep diagrams as simple as possible
  • Company logos, if used, should be of a modest size

Author Briefings

Fifteen minutes before each session, a meeting will be held in your Lecture Theatre where you will be presenting your paper, so that the organisers can demonstrate the use of the various facilities, as these may not be straightforward. It is essential that you attend the briefing Meeting.

Arrangements for handling discussion will be confirmed by your Session Chairman during the Briefing at the Conference.

POSTER presentation authors only

Your Display: you should clearly display the following information on your poster board:

  • The title of your paper
  • The authors’ names and their affiliations
  • Your usual contact details (e.g. an Email address) to allow delegates to follow up discussion.

In addition to your written paper included in the Conference publication, the poster session is your opportunity to present your work directly to other registrants and to discuss it with them. It is a particularly useful format for small group discussion and debate.

Try to attract the registrants to your poster. Unless they come to it, you cannot expect to have a discussion with them. The display should therefore be visually appealing and should contain the essence of your paper in a form that is easy to understand.

Your display should consist chiefly of keywords, diagrams, photographs, etc. Colour photographs are particularly attractive in a poster display. Diagrams and graphs should have clear captions. All lettering should be easy to read. Handwritten text or diagrams are not recommended. All graphs and diagrams should be drawn with thick lines (preferably 1mm or more in width). Use colour to emphasise important features.

The poster display is important. You are recommended to take as much trouble with it as you did in preparing your written paper.

Display Board

A display board approximately 2 metres high and 1 metres wide will be provided for your poster display. If you are pre-preparing your poster as one large sheet, please ensure that it is in Portrait format. If you require any other equipment please contact the organisers who will do their best to help.

Additional questions regarding EuCAP 2007 publications should be directed to eucap@ietevents.org

Poster Quad Information

(PowerPoint Slide template) Click here to download the PowerPoint Quad Template

All Authors are asked to submit a poster quad for each paper submitted to the conference. The poster quad is one PowerPoint slide which is divided into four areas. The aim of the poster quad is to provide a summary of the key aspects of each poster paper.

Information required on each Poster Quad:

  • Full title, affiliation, Country
  • Objectives
  • Approach
  • Key Results

The quads will be displayed around the Conference Venue in the exhibition hall, registration area and communal areas. This will provide delegates with an overview of the paper and if they are interested in the topic, they can find your poster board. The PowerPoint slides will be set to continuous loop throughout the day to offer maximum exposure. We believe that the poster quads are a valuable aspect to the poster papers and benefit both delegates and authors.

Please email your poster quad to eucap@ietevents.org by Monday, 10th September. Please ensure you include your Serial Number/Paper number in your email.

Writing an Abstract

The EuCAP 2007 Abstract submission system is now active. Abstracts must be submitted by Monday, 16 April 2007 if they are to be considered for the conference. Use of the EuCAP 2007 template is mandatory, and only Abstracts following the instructions provided below will be considered.

All abstracts will be subject to a peer-review process. Accepted Abstracts for EuCAP 2007 will be published in the EuCAP Book of Abstracts which will be distributed to all delegates on arrival at the conference. It is therefore vital that delegates play close attention to the instructions. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines may be returned to the Author or not considered for acceptance to the Conference.

Abstract Template WORD Abstract template

Working Language - The working language of the conference is English, which will be used for all printed material, presentations and discussion.

Authors’ Identification - include affiliations of all authors, and full address including e-mail of the corresponding author.

Length - Up to a maximum of 600 words (you may include diagrams)

Special Characters - When inserting special characters in text use the ‘Insert Symbol’ function (avoid code-numbers for the symbols).

Abstract Submissions

Before submission

Abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and, if accepted, will be included as submitted in the Conference Book of Abstracts in this format.

Before submission, make sure that the following material is ready:

  • Title, authors’ names, affiliation and a 35 word (approx) biography. If your title and abstract contains no special characters, and no sub or sup scripts, the text can be copied and pasted from your Word document or typed in directly
  • Your abstract of 600 words, including title, names, affiliation and abstract in word format (file size maximum 2.0 MB - Megabyte)
  • Preferred Topic area (the Programme Committee reserves the right to change the authors' choice of topic area)

Once you have the material listed above ready you can proceed with the electronic submission of your paper.

The on-line submission form for abstracts will be open until Monday, 16 April 2007. If you have difficulties in submitting your abstract, please try to shorten its file-name.

After submission

On submission of your Abstract the corresponding author will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the abstract.

Processing and publication of personal data

The personal information we receive from delegates will also be required after the conference. This is in order to render an account of the conclusions arrived at during the conference, for statistical purposes, and for the dispatch of information on relevant conferences in the future.

Personal data will be stored by EuCAP for future mailings and information on forthcoming EuCAP conferences. Personal data may also, in certain cases, be released to other companies participating in the conference for the distribution of information and offers directly from them.

Writing a Paper

Authors will be informed as to the status of their submission on Tuesday, 29 May 2007. Accepted authors should read the information below carefully.

The EuCAP 2007 Full Paper submission system will be open for the submission of full papers from Tuesday, 29 May 2007. Full Papers must be submitted by Monday, 23 July 2007 or they will be withdrawn from the conference. All accepted papers will be included in the EuCAP 2007 proceedings as well as being listed on the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Digital Library and on
The IEEE Xplore. Use of the EuCAP 2007 template is mandatory, and only Full Papers following the instructions provided below will be considered.

Submitting a full Paper

To submit your full paper you will need to re-enter the on-line submission system. Please check very carefully that all the information you have provided is correct. Here is a summary of what you should have provided:

  • Click on the number of the paper you wish to submit
  • Check the title is still correct
  • Browse to upload your pdf camera-ready file. Please do not page number your file
  • Ensure a biography of the presenting author is entered
  • Ensure all authors are listed on the final page. Again using lower case letters except for the first letter of each name
  • Ensure Affiliations are correct. This is for the organisation you represent, eg London Power Associates Ltd and not professional affiliation eg The Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Click finish to complete. You will receive a confirmation email

Papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings CD ROM from the author-supplied 'camera-ready' copy. Please do not page number your file. Original material must be provided in all cases and the paper must be in the form of a .pdf document.

It is essential that authors make sure all fonts are embedded and .pdf files are submitted unlocked. If files are submitted in ‘Read Only’ format or with security we may be unable to publish your paper. If fonts are not embedded in the .pdf the file may not print correctly and again may have to be omitted from the proceedings.

Each paper must have at least one author registered by Monday, 16 September 2007, to avoid the paper being withdrawn from the conference proceedings. You are reminded that the Institution or other associated societies cannot meet any travelling or subsistence expenses for authors, either prior to or during the conference.

Guidelines for the preparation of Oral or Poster Presentations will be available from this website after Monday, 23 July 2007.

EuCAP 2007 Copyright Agreement:

Copyright Form PDF Copyright form

This agreement relates to all the material published concerning EuCAP 2007 such as, but not limited to, conference proceedings, presentation slides or other electronic forms. Please note that part or all of the conference may be filmed for www.iet.tv.

In submitting a paper to EuCAP 2007 the authors assign to The Institution of Engineering and Technology copyright ownership of the submitted work, this assignment to be effective as of the day of registration of the material at EuCAP 2007. The copyright form must be signed by one of the Authors.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology shall have the right to register copyright to the article in its name as claimant, whether separately or as part of another medium in which such work is included. Also, The Institution of Engineering and Technology shall have the right to grant reprint permission to third parties and to receive reasonable royalties in such instances.

If a copyright form is not received copyright will be assigned to the corresponding authors affiliation.

Authors reserve the following rights:

  • The right to use all or portions of the submitted article in
    future works of their own
  • All proprietary rights, such as patent right

Copyright forms should be emailed, faxed or posted to:

EuCAP 2007 Organisers
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Event Services
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

Fax: +44(0) 1438 765659
email: eucap@ietevents.org

Please contact the organisers at your earliest convenience if you are unable to assign copyright to the Institution of Engineering and Technology, or do not wish to be filmed.


Please find below useful downloads for Authors:

Abstract Template Abstract Template
full Paper Template Full Paper Template
Copyright form word Copyright Form
Copyright form pdf Copyright Form

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